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Ahmed Hanafy Mahmoud

Ahmed Hanafy Mahmoud

Ph.D. Clinical psychologist

Founder of Schema Therapist Egypt

Founder of Egyptian Institute of Cognitive Therapies

Consultant Psychologist at Maudsley Health Abu Dhabi, UAE


Ahmed is a Clinical Psychologist with 20 years of experience in adults. My main interests are in Addiction Rehabilitation, Personality Disorders, PTSD and complex trauma, Sexual Disorders and OCD. am specialist at CBT and Schema Therapy.


Schema Therapy:

  • Regional Co Ordinator of Schema therapy for north Africa and Arab Countries.
  • Member of ISST Individual Certification Committee.
  • Certified a trainer – supervisor and Advanced Schema Therapist form International Society of Schema therapy “ISST”.


I started my individual accreditation in Schema therapy in March 2016 in South Africa with my trainer prof. David Edwards, till I certified as individual Schema Therapy trainer in August 2023, I was supervised with Prof David Edwards since 2016 till present with 140 credit hours, also I attended to many courses and workshops in schema therapy which is accredited from the ISST such as:

  • Diploma of Schema Therapy
  • Schema Therapy for Grief
  • Schema Therapy for Addiction
  • Working with Narcissism, Angry and Impulsive clients
  • Managing Impulsive and undisciplined Child modes
  • Strengthen Healthy Adult coping modes
  • Supervisor skills development training


I have participated in many workshops and lectures about Schema therapy into mental health conferences in Egypt and UAE such as:

  • Can religious faith be incorporated into schema therapy to increase resilience? Round table, Inspire 2024 conference, Poland, May 2024.
  • Schema therapy for sex Addiction, 4th Abu Dhabi integrated Mental Health conference, Speaker – workshop, November 2023.
  • Schema Therapy for Antisocial Personality Disorder Case Study, the WPA THEMATIC Congress of world Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation (WAPR), Abu Dhabi, Speaker – Workshop, May 2023.
  • CBT for Dependent Personality Disorders & Case presentation in title Schema Therapy for Avoidant, the Cognitive Therapy for Personality Disorders Training Program, the Art of Therapy conference, Egyptian Institute of Cognitive therapies, Speaker – Workshop, Jan 2022.
  • Building Healthy Adult in Schema Therapy” & oral presentation in title “Efficacy and Effectiveness of schema Therapy, program for personality Disorder Case Study”, the XIV World Congress of world Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation (WAPR) and 7th Abu Dhabi International Mental Health, Conference, Speaker – Workshop, December 2021.
  • Schema Therapy for Personality Disorders & Schema Therapy Basics, and beyond, the Annual Congress for clinical psychology “the integration between clinical psychology and psychiatry”, Speaker, Presentation, April 2019.