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What did the trainees say about our training?

  • “Excellently designed training and brilliant educators! In addition to a detailed presentation of the theoretical basis, many examples from practice were shown in the training.”
  • “This is the part that was missing in working with my clients.”
  • “I liked the lecturing style, presentations, materials we got, the ways in which the group connected, time management, breaks, exercises, place where we had live meetings, openness of our lecturer, the fact that she shared her own personal experiences, supervisions.”
  • “I had a great time – useful, different, inspiring …”
  • “Training at Schema Center is exceptionally organized – Great working conditions and brilliant organization“.
  • “I like the concept of the presentation the most, because each module is clear for itself, and the entire knowledge is deepened on each subsequent module, which makes it easier to understand and apply.”
  • “I am happy to have joined this education. Thorough, exhaustive with lots of detailed explanations and exercises, with good communication and a variety of materials. Well done and thank you! ”
  • “Brilliant training. Trainers are very professional and with their own example (behavior towards us) teach us to be even better therapists.”
  • “For every dilemma, there is a schema J ! I didn’t intend to educate myself in other psychotherapeutic directions, but by getting acquainted with scheme therapy, I changed my mind and decided to attend this education. It stimulates and enriches both personal and professional life. It remind us that the safe (comfort zone) is always there, but also the question of what we are missing out on. Thanks! ????“
  • “The trainer shows dedicated approach to every subject, presenting a theory generously and in great details with the abundance of practical and colorful examples. As an educator she provides trainees with warm support encouraging them to apply everything they had learnt into practice“.
  • “An absolute ‘must’ for anyone who wants to deal with personality disorders”
  • “The longer breaks between models really suit me, because I have enough time to read, study and prepare for the module even better. The assignments between modules really mean a lot.”
  • “In the presentations related to working with children and adolescents, I found the technique of colored glasses – glasses for working with schemes. After this education, I feel like someone gave me a pair of glasses which help me see things in a much clearer sense.”
  • “Well-chosen material logically presented in a clear and understandable way, at a good pace.”
  • “Enroll the Schemas, you’ll solve all your dilemmas J.”

What is the most important thing that trainees took from our training?

  • The Schema Therapy training provides knowledge about the well-structured professional framework for therapeutic work with clients and skills’ development for usage of appropriate tools for schemas, modes and needs’ identification and for flexible, individual support with the needed care and encouragement of the clients! Thank you!
  • “Extremely applicable and useful techniques.”
  • “The whole training is brilliantly conceptualized – a great combination of theory, experience and examples from practice, with video clips. To me it was very important to see examples and videos on how something should not be done, examples of possible mistakes and ways to overcome them”.
  • “A very useful form of psychotherapeutic education which allowed me to be more in touch with myself, to better understand the client and help those I thought I couldn’t.”
  • “Excellent integration of symptom-focused, problem-solving and in-depth approaches in dealing with trauma.”
  • “Schema training has greatly deepened my understanding of client, both in his / her current context and in the context of problem occurrence. It has significantly strengthened my skills as a therapist and I think this is the best possible way to continue education and training after REBT / CBT education.”
  • “Useful, clear, complementary to my basic psychotherapeutic approach. Thanks <3”
  • “I believe that Schema therapy gives a nice model of how to start integrating different directions, it gives you a framework but also freedom. I consider the techniques useful and applicable in all therapeutic modalities, and I would gladly recommendation it to my colleagues.”
  • “Excellent training! It provides new insights and a different approach in working with clients. It gives answers to many questions that I ask myself while working with clients.”
  • “I recommend the whole training because it is very useful in working with clients and you can experience personal growth by applying Schema therapy techniques”.
  • “Excellent education that gives us the possibility for deeper insight and better understanding of various aspects of human behavior”
  • “I recommend this training with all my heart. It is thorough and informative. The trainer is very willing to explain and clear things out and encourages us to be active, to integrate knowledge and to recognize it all in our work. Materials are very rich and useful“.
  • “I am very satisfied with all aspects of education. Practical, efficient, well-balanced with theory and examples from practice. Truly the best education I have ever been to.”
  • “Schema therapy provides what some of the other therapeutic directions do not have, that is the integration of theoretical approaches and deeper work with the trauma and emotions of our clients.”
  • “Schema therapy helped me reach my clients and their difficulties in a much faster and more efficient way! Moreover, the educator is a great coach and her effort to transfer her knowledge was reflected on me by getting an enormous motivation to start applying the Schema therapy as soon as possible! Totally unique experience!”
  • “This is infinitely useful for me both personally and professionally.”

We are proud to say that 100% of our trainees said that they would recommend this training to their colleagues!