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Jeff Conway

Scheme advanced level therapist, supervisor and educator in New York


Jeff Conway, LCSW is a founding member of the International Society of Schema Therapy and is currently on the Executive Board of the ISST as Training Coordinator. He has served in various roles within the ISST and has been a ST Trainer and Supervisor since 2008.  He is also a Certified ST Couples Therapist and Trainer.  He is trained in Emotion Focused Therapy, an innovative model for couples’ therapy based on Attachment Theory, and is a founder of The New York Center for Emotion Focused Therapy.   He is also a Certified Group Therapist and has led 2 Psychodynamic Groups for over 15 years.  Jeff also has expertise on the Enmeshment and Undeveloped Self Schema and has provided training and supervision on conceptualizing and establishing strategies to help heal this Unconditional Schema.  Special focus of this work has been the impact of the Enmeshment Schema on primary relationships and strategizing ways to address this Schema in the context of couples’ treatment.