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Patricia Escudero Rotman

Dr. Patricia Escudero Rotman is a New York Licensed Psychotherapist, a Clinical Psychologist (licensed in Argentina), and holds an American Master and a Doctorate. She has more than 25 years of professional experience both in the United States (mostly New York) and in Argentina. Dr. Escudero Rotman is a certified ISST therapist, trainer, rater, supervisor and co-reviewer of Latin America and Spain.

As an Assistant Clinical Professor of the Department of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai School of Medicine (New York), she has offered Cognitive Behavioural supervision to the residents in psychiatry and founded a Schema Therapy program. After 23 years of living in the United States she moved to Argentina where she created an ISST approved Official Program (in Spanish) that includes trainees from a range of Latin American countries.

Dr. Escudero Rotman has been the coordinator of the ISST Trauma Special Interest Group since 2016. Two of her areas of expertise are working with individuals who present Adult Trauma and/or Complex Trauma. Patricia speaks several different languages fluently (Eng, Sp, Fr, It) and has travelled extensively throughout the world. This helps her to offer effective psychotherapy, supervision and training to patients, supervisees and trainees from
different cultures.