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Peter van der Sanden

Nice to meet you

Aside from my studies orthopedagogy and psychotherapy I worked 9½ years as residential care worker in The Netherlands. A good start for getting to know a bit of (the stories of) their real lives of parents and their neglected, maltreated children and youngsters. Thereafter there were three part-time jobs as a psychologist and therapist ina residential setting (including 10 years in a residential centre – partly as a playtherapist, 11 years in a forensic psychiatric hospital – 16 to 23 years of age – and 9 yeas in a secure residential centre for 12 to 18 year old mentally retarded boys and girls). In the last two residential settings I introduceda schematherapy based mode of working for and trained all the careworkers and therapists (f/m).

Alongside these residential jobs from 2000 until now – allthough two years official retarded – I work(ed) as a psychotherapist in private practice. At this very moment with clients from 15 up to 63 years of age, severly depressed, traumatized, BPS, narciscistic, very avoidant, drug (ab)using, Dutch, Moroccan, Rumanian, Moldavian, Sri Lankanian, victims and perpetrators, women and men. Mostly individual, sometimes with a partner or parent as well, sometimes combined with EMDR.

I’m a member and (national, not ISST registered) supervisor of the Dutch ST society (VSt), supervisor of the society for child and adolescent psychotherapy (VKJP), member of the Dutch EMDR society (VEN) and Dutch society for hypnosis (NvvH), government registered clinical psychologist and psychotherapist.

If you’re interested I’m willing to supervise in English one or a couple of therapists in one of the Former Yugoslav countries. With the help of Microsoft Teams or Zoom. (Contact: