Ermal Azisllari

Ermal graduated in Clinical Psychology in 2004 from Tirana University and was trained and supervised in Art Therapy while working for SOS KD International (2006 – 2010) under guidance of Ingeborg Breder, from University of Oslo. Since then he has practiced art therapy with children and youth and also offered trainings on art therapy.

Ermal has worked as clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in various NGOs, with vulnerable children and youth, from 2015 till 2017.

During the period 2015 – 2017 followed the specialisation course in CBT from  Israeli Association for Behavioural-Cognitive Therapy (ITA) in collaboration with Albanian Association for Cognitive  Behavioral Therapy (AACBT). Is member of AACBT from 2015.

From 2015 is working in Private practice as Therapist, mostly working with adults, and also as   trainer and supervisor. Also from 2017 is Cofounder and Executive Director of Centre for Integrated Psychological Services, Albania.

From 2019 is Member of International Society for Schema Therapy and Advanced Schema therapist in individual therapy. From March 2022 and ongoing, is supervisor under supervision for individual schema therapy.