Experiences with Schema therapy

What did the clients say about their experience with Schema therapy?

  • „Schema therapy is a fantastic approach to psychotherapy, which provides frameworks for understanding the most diverse psychological phenomena (both“ negative „and“ positive „) and which in practice shows that personality disorders are not a lifelong behavior pattern, as it has been thought for a long time. .. „.
  • „For the first time I feel that someone really understands me … and that I really understand myself.“
  • „Schema therapy has taught me to love myself and to choose myself“

What did our trainees say about their experience with the application of the Schema therapy?

  • Schema therapy has very effectively conceptualized the cognitive approach, and is therefore a good“ guide“ for the awareness and the understanding of the problem (how and why), as well as for the integration of behavior, feeling and thoughts.“
  • „I have very positive experiences with Schema therapy“. Big changes occurred in clients. Some clients who have been blocked for years have made significant progress”.
  • „The clients responded positively and the space for the better quality of work opened up“.
  • „Imagination and other techniques are extremely powerful“.
  • „I have very positive experiences. Schema therapy is an approach that gives a new, more in depth dimension to psychotherapeutic practice. „
  • „Client responses are excellent, the results are visible even with the most difficult clients“.
  • „A very significant specialization for REBT and CBT therapists, which provides additional insights and tools for working with difficult and resistant clients. Absolute recommendations for everyone who works with personality disorders. Very useful addition to other psychotherapy approaches. Amazing!“
  • “Schema therapy can really lead to big changes very fast, even with difficult clients”.
  • “Highly applicable and valuable techniques”.
  • “Schema therapy is very useful for working with clients, but it is also very useful for us therapists because it asks that we work on ourselves which is very important”.
  • “Excellent framework for understanding human behavior and functioning. Comprehensive approach that gives to us therapists powerful tools for helping clients”.
  • “This approach has amazing theory and wide integration”.
  • “Clients find Schema therapy acceptable and comprehensive – especially schemas and modes”.
  • “We often find ourselves being stuck with some clients, especially the ones with personality disorders, do this approach gives us abundant options to help clients and ourselves while working with them”.
  • “My experiences with Schema therapy are mostly positive – this approach leads to insight, to fast change in maladaptive modes, to release and stronger relationship with clients”.