After Serbia, Greece, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro, we now have Accredeted Schema therapy training in Slovenia too!
Accredited training program in Slovenia will begin on October 5th in Ljubljana and it is organized in cooperation with Slovenian Association of Behavior and Cognitive.


Our training programs and acitivites include:

  • ISST-approved training in schema therapy including basic and advanced certification
  • Workshops on special topics such as over-eating, trauma etc.
  • Preventive programs based on Schema Therapy (i.e. Good enough parenting program)
  • Education of the general public about Schema Therapy
  • Schema therapy (business) couching
  • Schema Therapy related research, writings and publications
  • Design and publication of psychotherapy materials and resources (i.e. Schema therapy cards sets, Basic needs cards sets etc.)

The languages we speak are: Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, English and Greek