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Our trainees

Who are our trainees?

Our trainees are psychotherapists of various orientations who come from 11 different countries: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Northern Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Netherlands, Norway and Germany.

Although they are already active psychotherapists (some with decades of experience in both therapy and supervision), our trainees believe that there is always room for new learning and additional education. This is why so many of them study and integrate several different psychotherapeutic approaches. Schema therapy is therefore, not something they had to learn. Schema is something they have chosen! At the beginning of training when we asked them why, most of them said that they chose it believing it would provide additional knowledge and techniques for working with the most resistant clients, a good framework for integration and a path to deeper understanding of both clients and themselves.

If you are interested in finding out who our trainees are and how far along are they on the path of becoming schema therapists, please click on the following link: